What you need to know about moving in winter

Each year people are courageous enough to face the frigid temperature and dangerous conditions to move during the brisk winter months. At this season you can save more of a dollar, however, you will find that there are still challenges to move. Such as dangerous weather conditions, needed home maintenance, and icy roads. To make sure you are accurately prepared for a move, we’ve five essential matters to consider when moving this cold season.

 Hire movers for cold weather

To search for trustworthy movers, you can find moving companies Calgary that is licensed and insured. After you finalize your Calgary Moving company and have a date, it is essential to consider a back-up plan of moving dates with your movers. In case of bad weather hits your area, for instance, power outages. The moving companies Calgary will need to have other moving dates for emergency needs.

 Winter Preparation

If you move by yourself ensure to plan the road ahead of time. Select major roads over back roads. About snow and ice, it is the same as the major road that will be cleared first. If moving a long-distance, prepare to have a car service before the moving date. Ensure that all the tires are checked and try to change if necessary with winter tires. Winter tires are intended to provide friction when moving icy roads. Weeks before your moving date, better to call a utility service to set a date and time to check up electricity and heat in your new home.

 Pack with waterproof

If you will pack your things, consider the freezing possibilities, and drizzle in mind. If there is too much snow or slush outside, require yourself to make sure all your possessions are covered. You need to pack your belongings with waterproof packs like for plastic bins, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and many more. Keep in mind that electronics cannot mix well with wet weather. It is safer to put all your electronics, cables, and cars in sealed plastic bags before you put them in the box. For bigger electronics like appliances, it is better to let personal movers Calgary handle it for you.


On the day of moving, it is better to start as early in the morning. Days are shorter in the wintertime, so it is important to begin early morning so you will have all the daylight to move as possible. However, if the weather is dangerous or it is very cold make sure that you have enough warm on your body. After you prepare all your possessions to be sure to shovel all the sidewalks, stairs, or driveways. When you are in your new home make sure to protect your floors with flattened cardboard boxes.

 Prepare your New Home this Winter

After you are settled in your new home you now need to prepare your home in the cold winter. In this way, you will save your home from any damage and on your utility bills. Here is some suggestion on how to winterizing your home:

  • Be careful of hazardous tree limbs.
  • Place a radar on every level of your home.
  • Inspect your steps, walkways, and driveways.
  • Clean up your gutters.
  • Get a professional to check on your chimney and roof.
  • Inspect and change the filter of your chimney during winter months.
  • Protect your pipes
  • Inspect all batteries in your smoke detectors.

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