If the new house that you plan to move in or you are not ready yet to receive delivery. In any case, take away your worries. Our company's storage places are available to hold your belongings in a clean, secure. As well as, weather-controlled surroundings until you are ready for them. If there is an additional storage fee, We will deliver your belongings to a temporary storage place where they will place in secures storage container and protected from loss or damage. We move out your household items pack in their original moving cartons to reduce handling. For your upholstered furniture protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap then stored on specially designed racks. We also have available space for cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles, and other vehicles. To keep them protected from elements.

Our company promises our warehouse will not let you down. The place is regularly inspected and graded. Thus, with our own quality inspectors against our stringent World-Class Commitment guidelines. If the place does not meet our standards, it does not meet your property.

We offer Safe and secure storage

  • Providing clean, secure, weather-controlled storage places.
  • With the use of secure storage containers to protect your items from loss or damage.
  • Leaving household items in original cartons to minimize handling.
  • Storing upholstered furniture in a stretch wrap on special racks.
  • We also shelter your cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles inside facilities.
  • We do a regular checking and grading of warehouses by our own quality inspectors.

Because of our multi moving company we offer cheap local moving services. To meet all the needs of our customers. We do not do business top gain more profit but to gain more friends and trusted neighborhood. For your inquiries and more information do not hesitate to call us at 403 768 3491. We will quickly meet your needs and give you a free estimate of the kind of your moving needs.