How to move your plants to a new home

We know that cultivating plants takes years to turn it into a beautiful garden. However, if you are going to move to your new home does it mean you will leave your plants. With caring thoughts, you can safely transport your favorite plants to your new abode and aid them to thrive them there. As long as they are in good condition.

Moving your garden is a little bit dangerous, plants unstable even in the best situation, and sudden changes in light and temperature. But plants are already a part of your home and with a lot of hard work on your part. When you finally decide what plant you want to bring, you need to go into the details on how to move them safely. Below are some ways to help you get along with.

Element in the season

During summer it is not safe for the plant to transport if the temperature is hot, dry air, and a strong hit of the sun. If the roots are exposed they are vulnerable to the damage in changeable warmer days. However, it is safe to move your plant if you apply a precautionary measure. That your plant is properly watered, move and the root is not exposed to the sun. Below are some ideas on how to transport your plant.

  • If your new home is just across town, pack your plants in open boxes.
  • If you have taller plants, put sphagnum moss into the top of the pot.
  • For winter moving, cover your plants with a newspaper before transporting them.

Water the plants before uprooting them

It is in the disadvantaged part for a dry plant when you move it. Before you dig out your plant a night before you’re moving, soak the plants so that the water will permeate into the soil and roots. Do not drown it but you need to put heavy water on the plant. In this way, the plant will hold onto the time you will uproot them. It is the right plan to get into the idea of soaking your plant regularly in the weeks and months up to the time you move.

Trim your Plants

To aid your plants to have more energy during the move, make sure that they are healthy as possible. One important way to do this is to trim all dead or excess stems and leaves so that the plant is not wasting any essential energy. Maybe you are already trimming your plants, but before you move you need a final trimming.

Carefully Uproot It

To uproot your plant is the main strain in your moving process. To have an easy change, before you dig them water your plant again. Though you already water them the night before. Then with the use of the trowel to dig around the plant, make sure that it is wide that will not risk touching the root. Eliminate the soil from the root as you can. Directly after uprooting the plant, put it in a pot with soil.

Plant again as soon as possible

During your moving try to put your plant in your car, but if you put it on the moving truck, be sure they are packed last. The critical part is during moving whatever plant you have, be sure that you place it in the ground as possible. If you are still not sure of the right place you want to put your plant. Make a temporary trough to use to keep the plants until it is ready to plant permanently.

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