commercial moving companies

To move your business or office is a crucial task as you do not want your business to be down any longer than absolutely necessary. For relocation of your office or business, lack of planning and organization will cost you money. It needs proper planning and coordination which is the keys to the success of a business move. Either you are moving office furniture, files, records, computers. As well as, phones, we can move them for you. To make sure of no disruptions of your business activities. 

If you are looking for commercial movers that meet all your needs and standards you are on the right track. Our commercial moving services can carry all heavy furniture and fixtures with proper handling and equipment. We take care of everything so that your mind is in your business you will not miss any business transaction. Our expert movers are trustworthy to pack your items because we label all the boxes and big items. We have moving consultant will coordinate and plan every detail of your moving either small or big company. We are one of the best commercial moving companies in Calgary that offer good moving service.

Our Procedures

Our company will handle every step of the office moving process, no matter the size or the destination of your office move. We at Calgary moving services will personally work and supervise all phases of your relocation. Customer satisfaction is our quality, no other commercial moving companies in the Calgary area. No one can top our customer service for business relocation.

Each project that we do we conduct a pre-move meeting with our customers.

Prior to the relocation, we make a weekly meeting that starts from three to four weeks. Our Movers trained in office moving process. Calgary Moving Sevices does not use contractors to do their moving. We have a color code for your floor plans, pre-mark the new space with placement cards. Then we give the color-coded moving tags for your use. All the important and sensitive items such as computers will move in specially designed containers. During moving we lay tempered masonite on floors to protect carpet and marble.

Our Trucks

Our trucks are air-ride for the safety of your computer equipment. Hence, we understand you will find that our company surpasses all others in expertise and services. We personally handling your relocation and storage needs. Our workers make sure that all your item will carefully packed, office furniture dissembled and re-assembled. We give secure boxes for electrical equipment, moving boxes that loaded with care into our clean and regular inspected moving trucks. Thus, we have proper tools, equipment and knowledge to complete any size of office moving. Our company takes pride in our position as one of the leaders in the best office moving services. Hence, we give office moving services in Calgary for more than ten years and counting. All company and property are insured by the largest insurance company in the country.

To have all of our services make a call to our customer service, we offer a business moving service estimate. Come and be part of our successful and counting years of service in the industry.