Welcome to Calgary moving service your local moving company that offers services in the whole community of Calgary and the surrounding cities. Giving you an affordable price and on time service. We are expert in moving the residents and offices of Calgary across town, across another part of Canada. In our 10-years of service, we gain our reputation by being trusted cheap local moving services not only in Calgary. But in the surrounding city. With expert movers who are gentle to make sure your things and furniture are in good conditions.

Packing Supplies

After you confirm your schedule to us we will provide you packing supplies that you will be needing in packing your things. As well as, your furniture and other appliances that you want to bring to your new home or office. Then, we supply the following materials need for you to pack your things from small to the largest furniture:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing Paper
  • Moving Boxes
  • Moving blankets or furniture pads
  • Padded wrapping paper
  • Stretch plastic wrap
  • Heavy-duty packaging tape with the tape gun
  • Permanent markers
  • Trash bags
  • Ziploc bags
  • Mattress bags

You can experience our service by calling us at 403 768 3491.

Local and Long Distance Moving

Some home or offices of Calgary sometimes need to move from Calgary to other parts of Albert. As well as outside Alberta. We give long distance moving services at an affordable time. Hence, as you call us we may give you a free estimate quotation depending on the location of your destination. Wherever you want to move our expert driver able to bring your things at the right time.

Storage Services

We provide storage space for homes or offices who need an extra place to store their important documents.  Thus, other furniture that you are not using anymore. We have different space depending on your needs with different rate also. The minimum period of storage is one month, then in the succeeding months. In this case, there is an additional charge depending on the size of the space you acquire.